A Star Is Born Soundtrack

A Star Is Born Soundtrack

Genre: Soundtrack
Date: 2018
Country: USA
Audio codec: MP3
Quality: 320 kbs
Playtime: 1:10:17

Thanks to MightyMad

1. Cast – Intro (0:20)
2. Bradley Cooper – Black Eyes (3:04)
3. Cast – Somewhere Over The Rainbow (Dialogue) (0:42)
4. Cast – Fabulous French (Dialogue) (0:20)
5. Lady Gaga – La Vie En Rose (3:00)
6. Cast – I’ll Wait For You (Dialogue) (0:19)
7. Bradley Cooper – Maybe It’s Time (2:39)
8. Cast – Parking Lot (Dialogue) (0:32)
9. Bradley Cooper – Out Of Time (2:52)
10. Bradley Cooper – Alibi (3:03)
11. Cast – Trust Me (0:31)
12. Lady Gaga,Bradley Cooper – Shallow (3:36)
13. Cast – First Stop, Arizona (Dialogue) (0:11)
14. Lady Gaga,Bradley Cooper – Music To My Eyes (3:19)
15. Lady Gaga,Bradley Cooper – Diggin’ My Grave (3:57)
16. Cast – I Love You (Dialogue) (0:20)
17. Lady Gaga – Always Remember Us This Way (3:30)
18. Cast – Unbelievable (Dialogue) (0:29)
19. Cast – How Do You Hear It? (Dialogue) (0:15)
20. Lady Gaga – Look What I Found (2:55)
21. Cast – Memphis (Dialogue) (0:25)
22. Lady Gaga – Heal Me (3:17)
23. Lady Gaga,Bradley Cooper – I Don’t Know What Love Is (2:57)
24. Cast – Vows (Dialogue) (0:18)
25. Lady Gaga – Is That Alright? (3:11)
26. Cast – SNL (Dialogue) (0:13)
27. Lady Gaga – Why Did You Do That? (3:05)
28. Lady Gaga – Hair Body Face (3:23)
29. Cast – Scene 98 (0:34)
30. Lady Gaga – Before I Cry (4:19)
31. Bradley Cooper – Too Far Gone (1:26)
32. Cast – Twelve Notes (Dialogue) (1:04)
33. Lady Gaga,Bradley Cooper – I’ll Never Love Again (Film Version) (4:41)
34. Lady Gaga – I’ll Never Love Again (Extended Version) (5:29)

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21 Comments on “A Star Is Born Soundtrack

  1. admin any idea why downloads in the last 2 days are now between 10 and 20 mins to download for just one soundtrack ?

  2. That must be due to Hotlink.
    Have Premium Account.
    Download but only at 90 to 100 sometimes up to 400 Kbit / s.
    The whole thing is already several days.
    It’s no fun to load.

  3. Just read that funny comment about being able to download an OST in ten to twenty minutes… really? Ha Ha Ha. It only takes me on average about five to six hours and that is at the fastest speed we have in this part of the world!!!

    Admin, thanks for the post as always. Also, can anyone tell me if the songs here are the same songs sung by Barbara Streisand in her version (1976), or the Judy Garland version (1954), or if there are any songs that have survived from the original Janet Gaynor (1937) version?

  4. If you have a problem with downloading files, please contact hotlink support.

  5. Thanks for posting. I’m sure an Oscar nominee is on the way…

  6. before we could download with upload, it was cheaper, and it went faster

  7. @Yee Snarky – not at all the same as the previous versions. It’s essentially a Gaga album with new songs in it, if you’re a fan.
    You’ve probably noticed by now that Admin has the Barbra Streisand & Kris Kristofferson version in ‘Related OSTs’, and you can clearly see there than the tracks list is not at all the same.
    In case you haven’t seen it, check it for yourself: https://downloadsoundtracks.unblocker.pro/movie_soundtracks/a-star-is-born-soundtrack-by-barbra-streisand-kris-kristofferson/

  8. Team,

    “Wrong IP” message is shown when tried to download for the last 2 days.

    Please help.

  9. I read somewhere that there is a shorter version of the soundtrack without dialogue and stuff. Would you mind posting that if you can find it? Thanks!

  10. CAN YOU PLS upload the Greatest Showman (Recording Sessions)?
    I .would really appreciate it

    Thank you.

  11. Hello, have a very good week. I just want to ask if you can get the version without dialogues of this soundtrack. There is information about that on the internet. If it’s true about that mysterious soundtrack, could you get it?

  12. By the way, thanks For uploading this version. Great work.

  13. Why does it say Wrong IP? Please help me I need this . Thanks

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