Captain Marvel Soundtrack (by Pinar Toprak)

Captain Marvel Soundtrack

Genre: Score
Date: 2019
Country: USA
Audio codec: MP3
Quality: 320 kbs
Playtime: 1:07:36

01. Captain Marvel (2:15)
02. Waking Up (1:29)
03. Boarding the Train (1:30)
04. Why Do You Fight? (1:14)
05. Let’s Bring Him Home (1:39)
06. Entering Enemy Territory (3:33)
07. Breaking Free (5:24)
08. Hot Pursuit (4:35)
09. Lost the Target (2:10)
10. Lifting Fingerprints (1:32)
11. Finding the Records (5:20)
12. Escaping the Basement (4:23)
13. Photos of Us (1:56)
14. Learning the Truth (3:16)
15. New Clothes (1:04)
16. Space Turbulence (2:58)
17. High Score (2:35)
18. Interrupting Something? (1:30)
19. Trapped (3:20)
20. I’m All Fired Up (3:20)
21. More Problems (8:16)
22. You Could Use a Jump (1:45)
23. This Isn’t Goodbye (2:29)

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29 Comments on “Captain Marvel Soundtrack (by Pinar Toprak)

  1. Thanks a lot for this surprise. Thanks for flac too. God bless u

  2. Soundtrack not even available anywhere FOR SALE online…
    Yet somehow, here it is, with an additional FLAC file with it.
    Don’t know what kind of magic you pulled off here, admin…
    But keep up the good work!

  3. As a white dude, am I allowed to download this?

  4. ‘Was expecting someone like Kevin to show up, to keep up the loud, whining narrative that has been around for the last two weeks (???) about this movie…
    Predictably (and sadly), he didn’t disappoint.

    Dude, life is short… don’t you have better things to do?

  5. Thank you for this very good music.
    And thanks Admin for the .FLAC.!!!!

  6. any ETA for the “Various Artists” album? i loved those songs.

  7. Kevin, only if you’re non-heteronormative, feminist, LGBTQIASDOANVZXCV friendly, have blue hair, your balls cut off, make fear grimaces when taking 500 selfies a day, drink soya lattes and eat tofu, then yes, you are allowed.

    Enjoy the good music.

  8. This score has a beautiful Williamnesque vibe. “More Problems” really kicks ass

  9. MightyMad
    Brie Larson made that statement dumbass. He’s just being sarcastic. Enjoy the illegal download.

  10. @Kevin D. You still believe those lies huh? Oh by the way, the Earth isn’t actually flat either.

  11. Thx
    Actually, she didn’t.
    You misquoting her doesn’t make it a fact, idiot.
    And, as for the download… as always, I sure enjoyed it! You should too!

  12. El Track 21 More Problems tiene un estilo a John Williams, me gusta!!!!

  13. So much triggering by one short sentence. You guys are a hoot. Never change.

    It’s so great being lectured to by dudes stealing this music. Keep that moral high ground!

  14. Shut up, Kevin D. We all know you’re a flaccid, insecure troll who lurks in your mommy’s basement. Stupid cowardly trolls like you should be castrated and banned from accessing all technological and medical innovations

  15. Thanks. Only took 3 Days this time. Really seriously bad Internet Service where I live. 🙂

  16. @Kevin D. – we may all be thieves… but, at least, some of us aren’t douchey ones who are afraid of women.
    I’ll take my high ground wherever I can get it. And this one is very easy to stand on.

  17. Thanks for the share. Appreciate your work.

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