Doctor Who: Series 11 Soundtrack (by Segun Akinola)

Doctor Who: Series 11 Soundtrack

Genre: Score
Date: 2019
Country: UK
Audio codec: MP3
Quality: 320 kbs
Playtime: 2:33:14

1. Doctor Who Series 11 Opening Titles (0:40)
2. Getting That Bike (2:04)
3. Long Story (1:18)
4. This New Nose Is so Unreliable (2:57)
5. The Warrior (2:38)
6. Sonic Screwdriver (1:07)
7. The Doctor (feat. Hollie Buhagiar) (3:26)
8. You Really Need to Get out of Those Clothes (2:22)
9. Three Suns (2:28)
10. Make It Through Those Ruins (3:54)
11. My Beautiful Ghost Monument (3:54)
12. Missing You (0:43)
13. Insurance Policy (4:34)
14. My Fam (3:32)
15. Tsuranga (6:24)
16. Resus One (7:30)
17. Kerblam (7:59)
18. Help in Dispatch (5:08)
19. Ranskoor Av Kolos (2:16)
20. The Shrine (5:04)
21. Keep Your Faith (8:01)
22. Thirteen (feat. Hollie Buhagiar) (2:22)
23. Get out That Door (1:55)
24. Parks, Rosa Parks (2:30)
25. Artron Energy (0:52)
26. This Is Very Bad News (3:56)
27. Fishing Take Down (1:18)
28. Stand up Now (3:10)
29. A Living Icon for Freedom (1:17)
30. Umbreen (feat. Shahid Abbas Khan) (2:05)
31. Thijarian Hive (5:09)
32. I Love You Nani (feat. Shahid Abbas Khan) (8:20)
33. Yaz and Nani End Credits (feat. Shahid Abbas Khan) (0:49)
34. King James (3:19)
35. Tendril (0:45)
36. Morax (7:33)
37. Reverse the Polarity (7:27)
38. Made a New Friend (3:03)
39. Rebuilt (8:10)
40. Me and My Mates (10:21)
41. Doctor Who Series 11 End Credits (0:52)

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10 Comments on “Doctor Who: Series 11 Soundtrack (by Segun Akinola)

  1. Wait – BBC didn’t even bother giving us a soundtrack for Series 10 yet, but they’re actually releasing one for 11 the very next month after it ended, in a truly appropriate and reasonable timeline!?

    Man, so freakin’ ridiculous… the lesson, as always: never underestimate the power of the vajayjay.

    Thanks for the soundtrack, admin.

  2. Any chance of a FLAC version of this score? Thanks, Admin!

  3. @MightyMad It’s down to the composer to put together the album, not the BBC. Segun Akinola is obviously much quicker at putting an album together than Murray Gold is.

  4. @MightyMad: Yes, a completely different production team and brand new composer, and it’s the vagina that caused Series 10’s OST to be skipped. Yes, that’s pure logic right there.

  5. In response to MightyMad – it’s Silva Screen Records who release the soundtracks to Doctor Who, not the BBC. Sometimes there can be issues with licenses and copyright, as seen with the series 9 soundtrack. Maybe they will release a series 10 soundtrack in the future but it wouldn’t have a lot of new material on it as most of the season was scored using previous tracks – even Capaldi’s regeneration was scored to a recycled track.

    I think one of the reasons that series 11’s soundtrack has been released so soon after transmission is that the show has gained a new audience in the wake of its “rebirth” under a new production team. The whole machine has been given a boost, as it were. I doubt it’s got anything to do with the fact that the shows lead actor happens to be female.

  6. Thanks. Took me 4days to finally get this downloaded, and since I’m a big fan of the classic Who, I am not sure about this OST at all. Also, while I like the Jodie Whittaker
    Doctor, and did from the start, I did think that the BBC and New and extremely LAZY Producer Chris Chibnal were a little too over cautious and not supportive of Jodie by hiring on so many companions. Segun Akinola Theme immediately turned me off. Where is the Supple assembly of the original theme. Ever since the “New Series” started the music has been good, but the theme has been abused by being ‘played’ instead of ‘assembled’. What made the original theme by Delia Derbyshire and Ron Grainer so incredibly good was that it was assembled not played. Synthesisers have just made electronic music too easy, and there is little inventiveness anymore. Playing it by an orchestra is all well and good, but it just isn’t the same. I was really hoping for something better. That said having now listened to this OST, aside from the Theme, of which there isn’t even a full version of, the rest of the music is not bad. Track 22 ‘Thirteen’ is an obvious stand out and is probably the best track.
    Thanks admin for getting this to us so soon.

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